Weird Compiler

Because TeX and SH are wonderful VMs.

Version 0.2: 10 times faster! —

Version 2.0 is out and is about 10 times faster than version 1! The compilation algorithm has been completely rewritten. The main benefits of new algorithm are:

  • If a program does not use higher-order functions, there is no closure creation overhead. So classic programs run as fast if they were written directly in TeX or Shell.
  • Functions may keep their name from the source to the compiled code. For example:
    let threesum = fun x y z -> let k = wcplus x y
                                in wcplus k z
    in ....

    will actually produce the function:

    threesum () {
       wcplus "$1" "$2"
       stackpop 1
       wcplus "$3" "$TMP1"

As usual, the sources are available via git at:

git clone git://

or via the tar and zip archives.

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