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Archive for February, 2012

Version 0.2.2 is out! —

Version 0.2.2 is out! So what’s new in this version: Lots of optimisations: the shell backend is arround 3 to 4 times faster thanks to new closure implementation, the lambda lifting algorithm handles recursion itself and there is direct support for if-then-else constructions. Concretely, the rec.wc example does not require any closure any more! The [...]

The Online Weird Compiler —

Many people (i mean 2 actually) complained about no examples online. Someone even asked for screenshots. I’m not convinced that screenshots are really important to present a compiler but still, there’s the point: the project need some online presentation. I may have posted some screenshots or some examples, but thanks to obrowser, there’s a much [...]

Version 0.2: 10 times faster! —

Version 2.0 is out and is about 10 times faster than version 1! The compilation algorithm has been completely rewritten. The main benefits of new algorithm are: If a program does not use higher-order functions, there is no closure creation overhead. So classic programs run as fast if they were written directly in TeX or [...]

First Release —

Which are the most stable language or virtual machine? So stable that you don’t need to know the compiler’s version to be sure you can compile it. TeX is definitely one of them! Which ones are available on every Unix regardless of the operating system, version, libraries installed, etc? A POSIX shell is among them! [...]